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Giving to one of our Wells ensures the flow of our services remains in abundance.

~Thank you!~

The Wish You Well - Not everyone has access to mental health services when they need. Wish You Well donations allow us to help those who are struggling to afford counselling services. Feel free to pay for a certain number of sessions in advance for those you know, or don’t know. We thank you in advance, know that we will not be able to communicate any details of session attendees with you.

The Private Well - Invest in your employees by setting up a Private Well for your business. Simply make a donation and request that funds be reserved for employees and/or employee families of your business. Be sure to advise your employees that prepaid sessions are available with us. We ask those presenting for services under your “Private Well” to confirm their affiliation with you and then they are free to book. We will provide a statement of account notifying you of how many sessions have been used and what funds remain every six months. All other information remains confidential.

The Everlasting Well – Giving to the Everlasting Well allows us to further develop ourselves and the services we offer in our communities. Professional Development allows t therapists to receive specialized training and supervision from experts around the world. Training opportunities are offered to students and new graduates committed to learning and working within the counselling profession. Developing a variety of products and services expands our ability to connect with those seeking support.

The B3 Well – This signature series of virtual wellness sessions guide people to be their best self. Designed to be appreciated by all, participants are welcome to join from a place of comfort, become curious about the topic of the evening and enjoy a wellness activity. As content may complement and/or enhance individual therapy or be a stand-alone experience. We invite you to consider donating a mini-series or the full-series to your group of choice.

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