Be Well Series

Week 1 - Understanding Mental Health & Me

  • Mental Health Zones
  • Emotion Continuum

Week 2 - Imagery

  • Building my vision
  • Using my Vision

Week 3 - Breathing

  • Breathing & the Nervous System
  • Getting Started

Week 4 - Relaxation

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Body Scan

Be Kind Series

Week 5 - Recovering

  • Self-care & me
  • Body Movement

Week 6 - Feeling Good

  • Practicing Appreciation
  • Taking Inventory

Week 7 - Learning

  • Embracing Curiosity
  • Engage in Play

Week 8 - Thoughts, Thinking & Thoughtfulness

  • Choices
  • Control & Letting Go

Be You Series

Week 9 - Emotions, Feelings & Instincts

  • Communication – Giving and Sharing Information
  • Physical Sensations & Attachment styles

Week 10 - Actions, Behaviours & Motivation

  • Interacting with Purpose
  • Preserving Relationships

Week 11 - Lifestyle & Routines

  • Understanding Energy
  • Capturing my Scheduling Templates

B3+ Series

Week 12 - Working with Anxiety

  • Understanding its purpose
  • Shaping anxiety

Week 13 - Working with Depression

  • Comforting my Struggling Self
  • Getting Unstuck

Week 14 - Working with Hyperactivity

  • The Function of “Staying Busy”
  • Slowing Down

B3 series

Consent Form

Welcome to the B3 Series!

This signature series of virtual wellness sessions have been developed to guide people to be their best self. Each session will focus on introducing specific information followed by guided activities. Our goal is to have you join from a place of comfort and be able to sit back, become curious about our topic and benefit from a wellness activity.

For Individuals & Groups -

The B3 Series is designed to be appreciated by all. Content may compliment and/or enhance individual therapy. Experience with therapy is not required to attend. Consider signing up with 1-2 friends or family members as each link can accommodate up to 3 individuals. We invite you to attend a single session, a mini-series or the full series.

Choose your days…

We will be launching the series twice a year. Please review the times below and complete the attached commitment forms. Please email forms and payments no later than 10 days before the session. Confirmation receipts will follow.


We understand that everyone has different levels of comfort around engaging in mental health activities. B3 Series sessions are structured to minimize discussions and interactions. We like to call our sessions a Wellness Experience. While we do enjoy seeing our participants, you will have the choice to keep your camera off. We will check with each login to confirm count of participants and ensure everyone is connected appropriately for best experiences. We do monitor cameras during the session for the purpose of providing prompts, guidance and to be aware of any safety concerns.


We also ask that you help us in providing best experiences to all those logging in: Please ensure you are in a quiet, distraction free space with all sounds turned off. We will also ask that questions and shared thoughts be respectful and focus on the content being covered. You are always welcome to connect with us 1-1 to discuss more detailed or emotion-evoking questions. If at any time your connection becomes disruptive, we will prompt a disconnection.

Limits of Confidentiality

Our facilitators are functioning in the capacities of health care providers and are therefore bound by the same limits of confidentiality that exists in a therapeutic session. Laws require health care providers to share details, with or without consent, when there is an obvious need to keep people and pets safe. Laws may also require us to disclose attendance of participants for certain court proceedings. While these are not common occurrences, it is important that you are aware of these conditions and resulting mandated reporting.

Please be sure to connect with us about any specific concerns.